Having kids is the most amazing thing for a parent. But it is not only beautiful as it also comes with responsibilities and difficulties. Parenting should be a mission for everyone, not just a duty as it is not such. Having your children in middle school comes with different difficulties for nowadays parents. One of these difficulties is the social media. Below you’ll be able to read some reasons why social media is not good for middle school children, according to Melanie Hempe..

Social media was not created for teenagers.

Indeed, this is a very good point. See, social media cause distraction as well as temptation┬áto all the people. But this disadvantage is more significant for middle school children as their cortex is not fully developed and cannot handle too much temptation and distraction. It is just like wearing a dress that doesn’t suit you. You’ll need to grow up enough to wear it.

Social media is pure marketing and entertainment.

See, social media focuses more on quantity. Thus, it provides middle school children with a lot of information but that doesn’t influence their smartness for better nor it prepares them for a future job. It makes the teenagers less social since they are spending more time on social media than hanging out with real-life friends or people in general.

A broader network may result in a boomerang.

The idea is that, generally talking, a teenager has more than 1000 “friends” on social media. Does it sound strange? Of course it does. How can a teenager have 1000 friends?! See, since they have so many friends but who are not real friends, they can end up having less “real friends” and become less social. More virtual friends are translated into more time spent on social media, more time on unreal friendship and relationships.

It can increase the tolerance towards addictions.

Let’s accept it, social media is very addictive. It has the tendency to always show you new and interesting things which make you want to come back. And this is more highlighted for middle school children because they are so attached to new things. It is almost the same as game addiction. This behaviour paves the path for future dependencies like smoking, alcohol consumption and so on.

Teenagers less attached to their parents.

Middle school children are starting to spend more time on social media than with their parents. This is also because of the parents’ works and occupations. But that can be dangerous. They will start to consider attaching with virtual “friends” rather than with their own parents because after all, they’re spending less time with them.