• Young adults consume fewer fruits and vegetables. 
  • Eating raw fruits and vegetables is related to better mental health. 
  • Best food for improved mental health include carrots, lettuce, apple, kiwi etc. .

It might look normal to think that for the majority of people, physical health is more important than mental health. Generally, we pay more attention to physical health, but it doesn’t have to be like this. We are not saying to be more interested in mental health but one can be equally preoccupied for both mental and physical health. As it is important for us to feed ourselves with enough proteins and different chemical substances through food, it is equally important in helping our brain being healthy. We can help our mind by learning new things, by reading a book but also by eating. Aren’t there chemicals in our brain? Of course, there are.

Many of you may be well informed about the general benefits of consuming raw fruit and vegetables. Usually, when nutritionists and field experts talk and give recommendations about consumption of vegetables and fruits they focus more on the quantity of consummation.

What does the research analyze?

On the other hand, a new study aims to analyze the forms of consumption of fruits and vegetables, whether cooked, processed or canned and the impact of the above-mentioned factor in mental health

Young adults, aged 18 to 25, are at great risk of mental complications since they are the group age which consumes the less amount of fruits and vegetables. Thus, researchers selected 400 participants, belonging to this group, from New Zealand and the United States. Researchers measured and analyzed whether participants consumed raw or processed fruit and vegetables. They also monitored whether their mental health was positive or negative and also factors like socioeconomic status, gender, unhealthy diet, ethnicity, exercise, sleep etc.

The findings.

From the monitoring and analysis, researchers were able to see positive relations between the consumption of fruits and vegetables and a better mental health in general with better mood, increased life contentment etc. Furthermore, researchers also confirmed that participants who consumed processed and cooked fruits and vegetables had lower results according to mental health improvement in general. This should influence your cooking habits. Don’t hesitate to tell your mom these facts about cooked vegetables and fruits.

The study has also comprised a list of 10 best fruits which can help a person maintain a healthier mind: kiwi, fresh berries, carrots, bananas, cucumber, dark leafy greens, citrus fruit, apples, grapefruit and lettuce. I imagine you might be informed about the benefits of these fruits and vegetables but more scientific information does no harm. Thank you for reading.