We all want to have a good looking and healthy body. Some of us don’t and that’s ok because it is no big problem to have few kilos more but one should not feel comfortable being overweight or obese. Obesity is a big issue, especially for developed countries. For this reason, scientists have conducted different research on obesity risks and also the best ways on how to develop a healthy body. More or less, Western health scientists consider two factors to be determinant in having a body in a good shape:.

  • Your diet is the greatest contributor to developing a healthy body.
  • Physical activity is also crucial.

It is interesting pointing out that for better results, physical activity should include weights, flexibility and also cardio exercises.

Nevertheless, we learn from the World Health Organization that Japan has the highest life expectancy, 84.2 years. This makes us wonder what are their secrets about living this long. Not only this, but it is not usual to see obese or overweight Japanese. We can think that theirĀ methods may be strange but apparently effective. Further, you will be able to check out some of their secrets further.

1. Hot baths.

By doing hot baths your body will relax, body circulation will be improved and will reduce stress. Japanese also say that hot baths improve our skin, influences for a better digestion and generally lengthen life. According to suggestions, the optimal temperature for hot baths is 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.

2. Warmth.

Warmth is somehow related to hot baths. For Japanese, warmth is the most important factor for having a body in a good form. We get our body’s energy in different ways and the food is an important source. We should consume vegetables and fruits during the hot seasons so that we have it easier to regulate the body’s temperature. During cold seasons your body should warm up through the consumption of foods rich in calories. Japanese suggest that during winter, people should consume more warm food.

3. No liquids during meals.

When they eat, Japanese don’t drink juices because they believe that juice worsens digestion. Juices consume energy from the digestive system and thus cool it. Further, water negates the acid in the stomach which forces the digestive system to find alternative energy for its purpose. They suggest that fruits, vegetables and also soups are good liquid version.

4. Eating habit.

Don’t complain about looking like a sumo if you eat like a sumo! They don’t consume breakfast but instead, they consume lunch as per 4 meals altogether. Sumo wrestlers do forceful training after waking up and they sleep right after having the lunch. Even if they eat only two times a day and exercise extraordinarily, they are really fat.

You should establish a balanced eating habit, sleep properly and enough and also do physical activity. Sumos do intenseĀ physical activity but their junk and large food consumption is more determinant.