A lot of people underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleeping is a very important activity in our everyday life, just like nourishing and physical exercising. A lot of people don’t sleep well. That comes because of different reasons. I will list below some significant causes why you aren’t having a good sleep.

1. Caffeine-containing foods and beverages..

You already drink coffee after wake up in order to increase your alertness. Knowing this, if you drink or eat caffeine-containing foods and beverages after 2 pm you will probably have difficulties falling asleep. Avoid caffeine foods after this time.

2. Alcohol at the wrong time.

Some of you will argue that drinking alcohol helps you fall asleep and you’re right. But, alcohol adversely affects your eye movement during sleep and it will probably give a headache or tiredness after waking up. Don’t drink heavily. But yet, if you still like drinking little alcohol, make sure you drink it more than two hours before going to bed.

3. Sleeping position.

Sleeping alone may feel better. Nevertheless, even if you are with your partner, try to find a comfortable position and avoid moving too much before you fall asleep.

4. Distracting noises.

Noise is one of the most significant enemies of sleep. It prevents you from falling asleep. Thus, earplugs may be a good solution if you live in noise-polluted areas.

5. Air temperature.

It may feel better falling asleep during warmer temperature and I totally agree with you on that. But, according to the Harvard’s Healthy Sleep, the optimal suggested temperature to fall asleep is 15 to 23 degrees Celsius.

6. Lights.

Lighting may have an equal effect on sleep deprivation with noises. Try to avoid lights, especially light-based equipment like phone, computer etc. Putting a sleeping mask can help if light-avoidance doesn’t depend on you.

7. Physical activity.

Sure, exercising is good for you and I highly suggest you to do it regularly. The more you exercise, the less are the chances of you seeing the doctor. Nevertheless, physical activity may interrupt sleep if it is done too close before going to bed. You should work out more than 3 hours before going to sleep.