Potatoes are a common food in all the cultures. It is a vegetable and thus, it is highly suggested to be eaten. Yes, potatoes are something but sweet potatoes are the thing! Why? Well, first of all, we learn from WebMD that sweet potatoes have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in abundance. Not only this but sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and are also good at fighting cancer because they contain the protease inhibitor, a very uncommon protein. But what are the other reasons? Find out below..

Sweet potatoes are rich in fibers, something which contributes to fighting colon cancer as well as constipation. Not only this but fibers also improve digestion.
Rich in vitamin D, which is good for your teeth, bones, thyroids, skin, and heart.
Sweet potatoes contain potassium which is a regulator of the tissues and is good for relaxing the muscles.
Sweet potatoes are good for pregnant women because they contain the folic acid which is beneficial for the fetal development.

Aplenty of vitamin C which is necessary for our health in general.
Can be used against irritated skin. You should boil sweet potatoes and use the water for your skin. It will clean it from impurities and open up the blocked pores.
Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which is good at fighting dandruff and damaged hair and also stimulate hair growth at the same time.
Helpful in regulating the blood sugar because of the natural sugars which reduce and regulate the insulin resistance.
Vitamin A is encouraged to be produced more because of the carotenoids. It is good at regulating the breathing system. See, smoking people are highly suggested to eat sweet potatoes more than they are currently doing.

Potassium also influences for a better blood pressure, reduces the sodium’s impact, balances the electrolytes and also contributes for a better functioning of the heart.
Beta-carotene is also good against asthma, arthritis and also aging. Furthermore, it is protective against breast and lung cancer and sweet tomatoes have the beta-carotene.
Sweet potatoes also have magnesium which contributes in the fight against stress. Potassium also encourages the oxygen flow in the blood which contributes to more balanced heartbeats.
Sweet potatoes have also iron and this is the reason they are good against anemia.
Iron and magnesium are thought to relieve the symptoms during the pre-menstrual period in women.